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ETUDE FRANCE was started with a primary objective to cater educational needs of students aspiring to study in France. We are the experts in the field of Higher Education in France. We are associated with top Schools & Universities in Paris, France; we form a nexus for all the aspiring students to pursue their higher education in relevant courses at an affordable cost. With over a decade of academic excellence, an on-going commitment for higher education and unparalleled services makes us unique in the field of overseas education for France.


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Why Public Universities in France?

Public universities offer academic, technical, and professional degree programs in all disciplines, preparing students for careers in research and professional practice in every imaginable field. They are well-distributed throughout the nation, from the Sorbonne in Paris (founded in 1257) to the high-tech campus of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis. The French national and local governments subsidize these institutions to keep them affordable for students.

Of the 2.2 million students in the French higher education system, 80 percent attend the country’s public universities. France's universities are public institutions, funded by the government. This system allows the universities to offer students an excellent education at a very affordable tuition rate. In keeping with the principle of Equality, the same tuition fees apply to both domestic and international students, which range from €184 for Licence programs* to €391 for doctoral programs.*

The universities offer programs in all disciplines and award degrees at every level, from the Licence (three years), to the Master’s (five years), to the Doctorate (eight years).

In addition to traditional academic degrees, the public university system also offers specialized degrees in engineering, business, journalism and communication. Programs in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are also provided exclusively by the public universities, which operate in close cooperation with major teaching hospitals, known as CHUs (centreshospitaliersuniversitaires).

Annual tuition rates at public institutions are set by law. The rates for the 2017–18 academic years are, by degree program:

  • €184 for Licence programs*
  • €256 for Master's programs*
  • €391 for Doctoral programs*
  • €610 for programs leading to the diplômed’ingénieur*

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“The first step towards greatness is to be honest”.

Etude France aims to provide the best and most relevant studying atmosphere to our students who are willing to study in France. We make sure students know exactly what they are stepping into and how their lives can be changed with our focused insight and guidance. Having studied abroad, I am very much aware of the challenges a student faces if he/she lacks clarity about the circumstances and situations they would have to face while going through their course of study abroad. Out of my research and personal experience there was none in the market who could justify their profession as a mentor. It is at this juncture that I decided to introduce Etude France as an alternate opportunity to aspiring learners.

Our mission is to offer students more than know-how and to give them an opportunity to live out their dreams and help them prosper in their career genuinely.

Because we are all about honesty!!

- Abhishek Yeluganamoni